Dear Members and Users,  Following the updated guidance from the Government and British Canoeing, we are delighted to be able to begin facilitating our activities from the Leaside Trust once again, albeit under a set of very prescriptive stipulations; to avoid another suspension we must remain alert to the risks of Covid-19. You can learn more about COVID from the Government’s official website page.

Since March 2020, we have managed to get through the most severe and challenging situations. There are still challenges ahead. We must continue to adhere to these stipulations.

At Leaside we take safety and adhering to official guidance very seriously. Flouting the advice and rules would likely lead to action being taken against individuals or groups. It could greatly jeopardise the type and number of activities should we not act in a responsible manner.

Accessing the Centre: The main areas of the Centre as well as the gym remain completely off-limits.

Changing Rooms: The changing rooms remain closed. In case of emergency, the coach or staff member will advise you.

We appreciate that this you may feel these measures are restrictive however please know that this approach has been considered extensively and these measures have been implemented for: your own safety, safety of those using the facilities after you, for the safety of the Leaside members together with the surrounding community by reducing as much as possible any chance on infection while at the centre.

We are pleased to announce we are open from Monday 6th July. Please check the Activities page for up to date availability. 

We look forward to welcoming you back and for you to continue to enjoy our activities sessions.