Schools and Groups

Schools and Groups
39 schools and groups currently use Leaside’s services. We can deliver one-off sessions specifically designed around your class or group size. Many schools book us for hourly sessions throughout the school term.

Outdoor activities at Leaside contribute to the Government’s Physical Education targets set for schools:

At least two hours of high-quality PE and sport at schools — with the expectation that this will be delivered totally within the curriculum;
and an additional two or more hours beyond the school day delivered by a range of school, community and club providers.

Additional Benefits:
Some schools also use coming to Leaside as a reward for its pupils – allowing them to let off steam whilst enjoying, fun non-traditional outdoor sports in a beautiful setting.

Leaside’s approach to our work with schools is based on the belief that the activities we offer are not just an end in themselves.  Our fully qualified instructors help school pupils to develop their social skills, personal discipline, teamwork and leadership qualities. Pupils who benefit from this approach are more likely to attend school, apply themselves to their studies and develop confidence, all of which contribute to higher standards in education. 

Leaside is available for use by youth clubs, scouts and girl guides, disability projects and other groups for a specific period or on a long-term basis.  We can also deliver activities for groups during holiday times.

A group booking Costs £75 per 1.5 hours per activity

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