Sprint Results

Posted on 19 June 2012

Sprint Season is well and truly upon us and Leasider’s have taken part in 2 Sprints recently.

The Essex Sprint Series, held at Chelmsford CC
For those unfamiliar with this series, it has the same format as the Essex Winter Series, whereby a Sprint regatta is held at each club every month during the summer, with points won by different age groups and an overall club winner. 

At Chelmsford the races were over 500m and 1000m, with heats then finals. The afternoon saw a 300m K2 race, fastest with slowest all for fun. The sun was shining bright leading to lots of burnt shoulders!

Relatively new Leaside members Nick Young and Kallum Gregory did well, with Nick winning the Under 14s and Kallum coming 3rd in Under 16s. Kofi came 6th in U14s. Matt, Oggy, Almos and Luke got a clean sweep in the Over 23s and Alan Goode and Rod Grundy came 1st and 2nd in the Veterans.

Leaside is hosting its first Essex Sprint Series on July 1st. All abilities are welcome so please pop down and have a go!

The Nottingham Sprint Regatta

Arriving on Friday night, and setting up the tents, we all thought the event might be cancelled due to the very high winds. However the morning came and the winds died enough for the regatta to commence.

The format for the regatta is normally 1000m on Saturday morning followed by the 200m and 500m on Sunday. This Regatta was the Inter Services Regatta and we had Leaside’s own Jasper Stride racing for the RAF.

By the time we got onto the course the wind had died down enough for a good race and the waves were not too scary! Sunday brought perfect sprinting weather, no wind and lovely sunshine.

Some of the result highlights of the weekend were:

Kallum Gregory came 1st in K2 1000m and 500m and 6th in K1 500m.
Leaside came 3rd in Mens A K4 1000m, a great result as only Ed is in Men’s A - Stellian, Alan and Luke made the rest of the crew boat. Ed qualified with the fastest time in 200m, unfortunately a poor start meant he came 7th in the Final.

Luke had a great regatta, coming 2nd in Men’s A/B Final 2 200m, 6th in Final 1 500m and 1st in K2 200m with Ed.

Matt had a good result of 2nd in Men’s C 1000m and this result promoted him to Men’s B.

Gabor won Men’s C 200m, with Almos coming in 5th.  Matt and Almos also got 1st in K2 200m.

Alan got bronze in Masters A 1000m, and 1st in both K1 and K2 500m.

Competitors can compete in all distances: 200m, 500m and 1000m, in both K1 and K2, and C1 and C2, and also compete in K4 in 500m and 1000m. Heats are followed by Finals. If there are lots of paddlers in certain races there can be up to 5 Heats, this then means there will be 2 Finals, Final 1 with the 8 fastest paddlers, then Final 2 with the next 8 fastest. This means that paddlers can have as many races as possible.

The next regatta is the Club regatta, so we want as many paddlers from Lesaide heading up to Nottingham and competing.  There is a winning Club which is the one thing that gets the most points during the whole regatta.

Story written by: Matt Craig