July’s Racing Report

Posted on 18 August 2011

National Club Sprint -July 2nd/3rd
Last month, at the annual National Water Sports Centre in Nottingham, Leaside was represented by 7 juniors and 6 senior paddlers.

Leaside is now ranked as the 13th best canoe club in the country.

Here are our top results:

Men’s A
Ed Ramanauskas
K1 200m 1st
K1 500m 3rd

Ed Ramanauskas,  Tadas Cizas
K2 200m 2st
K2 500m 1st

Ed Ramanauskas, Tadas Cizas, Luke O Bryan, Alan Goode
K4 1000m 3rd

Men’s B
Tadas Cizas
Ki 200m 1st
K1 500m 2nd
K1 1000m 1st

Masters A
Ki 200m 2nd
K1 500m 3rd
K1 1000m 3rd
K2 500m 1st

Men’s C
Matt Craig
K1 500m 3rd (final B)

Boy’s D
Jack Swain, Fede Pollame, James Mulholland, Tom Walsh
K4 500m 4th

Although our three girls did not make it to the finals they did compete very well in their respective heats.

International Orfero Ocean- July 8th

Alan Goode and Luke O’Bryan raced in a double surf ski and finished in 1st place at the race in Toulon, France. The race totalled 35km with an international field of 71 paddlers racing Surf Skis and Outriggers on the Med.

Lithuanian National Championships in Villnius-16 July

Congratulations to Leaside paddler Ed Ramanauskas who finished 3rd in K1 200m, 1st K2 200m and 1st in K4 1000m.
There is now a possibility that Ed will go on to race at the World Championships in Hungary this August!