National Spring Regatta

Posted on 22 May 2012

On the 14th of May this year we loaded up the sprint boats and headed up to Nottingham for the first Regatta of the season.

There was plenty of excitement over this regatta, as it was the first of a few Olympic selection events, with the likes of Ed Mckeever racing to secure his place to represent GB in the 200m and Tim Brabants and Paul Wycherley fighting to see who will race for the 1000m in London 2012.

For Leasiders it was the first time to see if all of the winter training had paid off, for many it had.

Edvinas Ramanauskas came 5th in Men’s A final 1, and Luke O’Bryan was 3rd in Final 2 of 200m, making them the 5th and 12th fastest in the country respectively. An amazing achievement for both paddlers.

Ognyan Kalustyan (Oggy), did a great job in Mens D, coming 2nd in 1000m and 1st in 500m and 200m so he has been promoted to Mens C.

Leaside’s Masters K4 came storming in 1st on the 1000m Final - an impressive 13 seconds ahead of 2nd.

Alan Goode came 2nd in his 500m Final, and James Smythe was 6th in his 1000m final.

Matt Craig was 6th both for 500m and 1000m Men’s C finals.

Stelian Naftanaila came an impressive 7th and 3rd in 500m and 1000m in the very competitive Boy’s B.