White Water Fun!

Posted on 20 November 2012

By Maia, aged 12      

On a Saturday in October Leaside went to the Legacy course at the Lee Valley White Water Centre.

There were about 50 of us and it was a great fun afternoon.

Even though most of the paddlers were beginners and were constantly falling in they were still having a typically great Leaside fun time.

It was good seeing Bryan going down in a k2 with a beginner in the front because he looked like he was having more fun than the beginner even though the beginner seemed to be having the greatest day of their life.

The funniest thing to see was the adults because they look really good at Leaside on flat water but on the Legacy course they kept falling in.

My friends and I were having a brilliant time when we were playing in the waves because we were trying to be like Eric Jackson.

It was another great outing arranged by Leaside and many thanks are due to Bryan and his helpers for a brilliant afternoon.

Leaside kids launch off at the White Water centre