Leaside’s First Rock Climbing Trip

Posted on 19 June 2012

On the last day of March, Leaside set out on an adventure never done before at the club.
The destination: Brecon. 
The weather: Perfect. 
The adventure: Rock Climbing! 

Rock climbing offers everyone the chance to challenge themselves, to set personal goals and achieve new heights, literally. 
Bryan our Head Instructor is an experienced rock climbing instructor and along with other experience rock climbing volunteers, Mariead, Martin and Nick, this was a great opportunity for young people from inner London to experience real rock climbing in the great outdoors for the first time.

The group left Leaside in the early hours of Saturday morning and after a few hours in the minibus they arrived at Morlais Quarry - an abandoned excavation just outside Merthyr Tydfil, Wales. 

Thanks to the experienced team they were able to set up and manage many different grades of climbing.  This meant that everyone found a climb that both challenged and suited them. The climbs were up to 15m high. They also set up a 30m abseil rope, allowing everyone to rappell down a massive cliff face overlooking some of Wales’s famous Valleys! 

After a great afternoon of rock climbing the group headed to their accommodation - a tiny cottage in heart of Ystradfellte.  The place was a blast from the past - almost an adventure in itself, completely isolated and lost in time. The group got fires going and enjoyed games and laughs in what we’re sure will become a favorite accommodation of Leaside for years to come. 

Later, in the darkness of the night, the adventurers headed out to walk in the local woods and locate hidden waterfalls.

The next day the climbers headed up Pen-Y-Fan, the highest peak in South Britain for a day’s gentle walking.  After an hour of walking up the mountain the leaders turned around to explain to the group that they were on the wrong mountain and needed to turn back and go up the next mountain 2 miles down the road!  The young people were quick to point out that it was April 1st - no fooling this lot! The group reached the summit by midday and enjoyed photographs and views before descending to a well-deserved ice-cream (thanks Martin!)