Leaside is an outdoor activities centre on the River Lea in Hackney.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to serve our local community, especially its young people, by providing opportunities for education, personal development, recreation and excellence in outdoor activities. We give young people choices, freedom and inspiration so that they can become active, responsible adults, whether as citizens in the community or as participants, instructors or champions at Leaside.

Our Aims are:

- to contribute to the physical education of inner city youth, especially the economically and socially deprived;
- to provide the framework for young people’s personal and social development;
- to offer opportunities for outdoor and indoor pursuits to the whole local community;
and to provide a sports development continuum catering to all abilities.

Leaside is a young person driven centre. Our ethos and all our ideas and projects are firmly rooted in the realities, dreams and aspirations of young people.  We harness the enthusiasm, commitment, spirit and energy of young people and reflect this back by providing a variety of programmes using an outdoor education framework.  A main focus is the development of life skills and other transferable skills that enhance the life chances of the young person and community beyond sport.  These include self esteem, self awareness, self confidence and leadership skills.