Rock Climbing Trip to Wales

Posted on 20 November 2012

By Felix, aged 11

After a long drive to Wales we got there late that night, we went in to the cottage and got to know each other and told jokes and had a right laugh before making our beds and going to sleep.

In the morning, at the rock climbing site we did different climbs even though the weather was cold, icy and very windy. Many hands were frozen, but this didn’t matter because it was great fun climbing up the steep mountain. We were allowed to sit inside a survival shelter to warm up again. We were play-fighting as to how many of us could get into the shelter at once, and whoever was in there didn’t want to come out as it was so nice and warm in there.

That evening we had fish and chips as a treat. Later on we all went for a night walk in the pitch dark when we suddenly came across a huge waterfall and had to inch our way forward to the edge of the sudden drop into the water. It was a thrilling experience. We also had fun having a sheep poo fight on our way back to our cottage.

The following morning we went for a walk up the tallest mountain in the area called Penn-y Fan. It was very steep and had lots of small rivers running down it. At the summit we walked through a cloud and it was so windy that we had to hold onto each other. After walking back down, we packed all our things ready for our journey home.

All the other people on the trip, including the adults, were really great and I loved everything we did. When can we go on another trip?

Leaside kids go Rock Climbing in Wales